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About us

Hi friends, I'm Eddie of Eddworks, a one-man shop dedicated to bringing you the best kitchen knife experience possible.

I make everything I sell, and I complete all processes from raw material to shipping product. I source my materials as locally and responsibly as possible so not only will you get a great knife, you can feel good about what you're supporting.

I'm new to Shopify, but not new to making knives. My first knife was sometime in the early 2000's, and since 2018 I have focused obsessively on high performance kitchen blades. I have hundreds of blades "in the wild" being used every day and I want you to be confident that you are investing in a quality product. I offer lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship, with free sharpening forever provided you take care of transport.

If at any point, you have a concern with any of my work please don't hesitate to contact me. Your satisfaction with my product is my primary concern.